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The Call of Duty series is truly one of the best, but Tryarch is Activision's sad excuse on making more money (so they can release one game per year). Yeah Call of Duty 3 sucked. I didn't mind Finest Hour and Big Red One, but they should stick to the spin-offs. Anyway, Infantry Ward got the right idea and moved away from WWII. Modern times seems like a good idea. Combine that with Hollywood style storytelling, and you get one heck of an adventure. Call of Duty 3 started to add more depth into the characters, something that Mondern Warfare improves on. Without spoiling anything, there are some really powerful in the game. You play as the British SAS and American Marines (with some Russian to help you out). The gameplay is basically classic CoD gameplay, mixed with Hollywood production values and the modern setting. The graphics are breathtaking. The system requirements aren't too much to demand. My old 7900 GT ran it max settings perfecly smooth. The sound is very similar to previous games, even some lines are taken from CoD2. That's not a bad thing of course, but a would like to see more original content. Of course, there's multiplayer. The multiplayer this time is very good. Modern Warfare has a RPG style leveling system where you get points for kills. Every time you level up, you have access to more weapons, clothing, and perks. Perks are special abilities your character can have. He can have up to three. Some are very useful and unique. Some are useless and pointless. And some are just plain cheap and are banned from many servers. Perks is a great idea with good exacution. I hope World at War can improve on this even more. The actual muliplayer gameplay is good. The maps are very memorable and well designed. Mod support is there. The gunplay seems a bit off. Shooting someone two times with a sniper and them not dying is just plain cheap. Sometimes, you feel like these people are invincible. Hardcore makes kills in like 1 shot, but that's going a little too far. There's no happy middle between these. You can get past the problem though. Overall Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a worthy entry to the series with great gameplay, graphics, and value.

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