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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Xbox 360 Review

If there's one game you should own for either your Playstation 3, or your Xbox360, its this one. The graphics are better than anything seen on a console game, so much so, that at times I could of believed it was a film I watching, and not a game I was playing. The sound was, although not as impressive as the visuals, was still very impressive, with realistic gun shots, impressive background sound, all drawing you more and more into the game and story.

Onto the story, while short, is very thrilling and epic. While the multiplayer seals this game as one of consoles finest.

The story is your typical COD story, although now set in present day. You play as the Americans and British as you fight to stop terrorists from launching a missile. While very good, the story is however very short, and best played on the veteran difficulty level to lengthen the play time to something more enjoyable.

Story isn't where COD4 shines though, this is in its multilayer, which could be played for months and still not feel old, or outplayed, and with 10 'Prestige' levels to rank up through, you'll be playing this for a long time. Multiplayer consists of a wide array of modes, from Deathmatch, and Team Deathmatch to Search and Destroy, Headquarters and various others. As you rank up through the levels your rewarded for your effort with new guns, weapon modifications and perks.

Perks are abilities you can assign to your character to make them better, or faster. An example would be Iron Lungs, giving your player the ability to hold his breath longer while steadying a gun, or Juggernaut, allowing you to take more bullets before you die. These perks are very well balance and along with the weapon modifications allow for unlimited configuration of your player to suit your play style.

Call of Duty 4 really is consoles finest shooter at the minute and anyone without it in their games library is missing out on one hell of a game. 

John Rowley

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