Anyone experiencing lots of lag on 360?

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Time Warner is my ISP and i right outside Columbus, OH. Connection is always very stable in other multiplayer games. Had a decent time in Blops 2 for the first maybe 48 hours but the past few days have been hit with a lot of mid game connection dips. Feels like someone is using a lag switch for 30 seconds at a time. Everyone in the game appears to red bar and everyone gets pissed. Doesn't seem to be isolated to just one person trying to manipulate the connection because it happens even after host migration steps in. Wondering if anyone else having the same problem and i should just chalk it up to launch hiccups. My internet speed is 10Mbps down and 1 Mbps up which arguably isn't the fastest internet every but it's always been serviceable for playing games online.

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p.s. tried setting my matchmaking search preferences to "Best" instead of "Normal" as i've seen others suggest but still have the issue.

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10Mbps "isn't the best"? Gee, I get three and it seems A-OK.

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Yes, I did experience a lot of lag. It definitely wasn't on my end seeing as I am directly connected to the modem, did various speed tests, and no other device was using my internet. The lag was atrocious at times.

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I've been marathoning since last night when I got the game, and I've had no major issues, except for an occasional hiccup.

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@believer258: just saying, there's people out there rocking 30 meg connections wasn't sure what the landscape of gb users internet speeds as and didn't want to sound presumptuous.

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I have a 50 meg connection and I agree there is lag. Lots of shit in this game to be honest including one of the worst spawn systems ever. Also, the game keeps recategorizing my NAT and then telling me the servers don't exist.

This is one of my problems with XBox Live, honestly. Since its P2P the servers always suck, even when they're "OK". The game can't knowingly tell if the host has good download speed AND good upload speed, so it only goes my download speed when choosing a server.

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@OldManLight: its not limited to 360 2-3 days after launch i started having issues on the ps3 version as well...

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i've been noticing more and more the "lag compensation" that is supposed to mask the fact that we're all playing this game over P2P connections and honestly it doesn't work. Several instances of getting insta-killled by a dude when we both bump into eachother in the hallway and from the looks of the replays, the dude doesn't appear to even have his reticle on me when the shots are fired and he's getting hit markers. MW3 was bad but this seems worse due to the weapons being super powerful in this game. I was really having a good time playing until i started bumping into this and the sporadic lag spikes. Back to Halo 4 or Borderlands 2 for a few weeks I guess?

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I have a good connection and I'm having pretty consistent problems here too, seeing a ton of host migration...P2P is really bad. Still.

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I have had terrible luck getting good matches. I gave up on it, back to Halo 4.

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yeah,it seems TREYARCH has some kinks to fix.

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@EpicSteve said:

I have had terrible luck getting good matches. I gave up on it, back to Halo 4.

This is my solution also!

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@EpicSteve said:

I have had terrible luck getting good matches.

Yep, me too, really sucks because when the game is running smoothly it is a blast, but there is a lot of connection issues on my side, I have a 20/20 connection, and I haven't run into any issues in any previous games or COD's (except MW3, but that game was broken). Oh, and the game tells me that I have a Strict NAT, which certainly doesn't help, no idea why I suddenly have strict, every single COD game before it has been open...

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