Hidden, super top-secret diamond camo? Do want!

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So, apparently there is a secret camo that can be unlocked. It is called the diamond camouflage. Yes, diamonds. Would you say... blood diamond camouflage?! Mwuahaha. Because laughing at death and suffering is funny. Right?

But seriously. You can unlock diamond camo for all of your weapons, (I think) by completing all the requirements and unlocking all camo for all of the special weapons. You know, the class of guns nobody uses because they aren't crazy?

I actually prefer the carbon camo. My KAP-40 with carbon camo is fucking sweet! I think the gold looks cheap and chinky on some of the guns, and I'd love to unlock the gold camo for my combat deathknife. Yes, the deathknife. The diamond camo looks dumb, too, I think. It's just excess for the sake of it. I do wish there was a different secret camo unlock for each weapon class. That would be pretty sweet.

Linkylinky, hands off stinky. What? I'm leaving, geez!

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