Is scripting and player choice clear in Black Ops 2?

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I haven't played the game yet, but after reading Jeff's review, I'd wager that I'm going to be confused by the choices the game presents. Call of Duty was always known for its linearity and script-filled set pieces. Heck, remember the Medal of Honor 2010 quicklook, where Jeff shows off a particular shootout where one enemy is supposed hidden from player sight and is invincible until the player approaches close enough to trigger a story event? I'm not afraid that this would happen but rather my mental ability to distinguish that if it is scripted or not. Anyone played the game has this feeling? Or did Treyarch do an incredible job of presenting subtle choices without confusing the player?

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Yes, it does feel that at times the game is playing itself, without much input from you, but the important decisions are presented up front.

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