Knife run

#1 Posted by RustySanderke (117 posts) -

Just yesterday, I discovered the joy of knife running. Today, however, I was called a "sad piece of trash" because of it. Even though he was just being a mad nerd, it got me thinking.

I understand that it can be a bit frustrating to be killed before you have a chance to react, but I don't see how this is much different from sniping. Do you guys think it's cheap to use the combat knife, even with the reduced range?

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No way man. Totally viable. It's also much harder because you have to think differently and will die more often than not. Keep on stabbing, duder!

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Knifing and throwing knives were the only fun I got out of MW3 after watching a dude on YouTube who rocked ass with them. People who get mad are just angry you reset their puny kill/score/support streaks.

#4 Posted by jillsandwich (804 posts) -

That's what the new loadout system was designed to let you do, man. Don't sweat what other people say.

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I'm enjoying knife running too, some people just get mad, but it a totally viable strategy now more than ever with the Pick-10 system.

And you need to use the hand-held knife to unlock the different knife camo, so Treyarch are also rewarding you for doing so.

#6 Posted by Lumley (998 posts) -

If it works, which it totally does, do it! It's in the game so it's totally a viable technique and anybody calling you a "sad piece of trash" is probably just jealous or annoyed that it works for you.

#7 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

I get mad when I die from a knifer.But that's just because I'm an angry person in general. But I will give this a try when I get my guns leveled up more and feel like trying something new.

#8 Posted by LassieME (244 posts) -

I have had my best rounds ever doing exactly that. Ignore what the kids are saying, do what works for you and keep on stabbing those dudes.

#9 Posted by ionkinetic (139 posts) -

I did a knife run too the other day, and had fun with it, used it to get the enemy weapons and kill them with is. Also an achievement/challenge in the game.

But check the chat, you'll see that for every play style being used there is some one bitching about it.

#10 Posted by Icemo (679 posts) -

That insulter is a "sad piece of trash" himself if he lost to a knife in a gunfight.

#11 Posted by Grissefar (2905 posts) -

Probably shouldn't take what random people on Call of Duty tells you too seriously.

#12 Posted by HatKing (6448 posts) -

I'm waiting for the baseball bat DLC, so I can take out all you knife running jerks.

#13 Posted by laserbolts (5444 posts) -

Go right ahead I see no problem with it. Easy kills for me anyways.

#14 Posted by believer258 (12795 posts) -

Knife running is pretty fun in that game. Keep on doing it!

Besides, it's no different than someone shooting you in the back, something that happens a lot in those games. CoD people often bitch whenever someone is better than them anyway, just don't listen to them when they do.

#15 Posted by living4theday258 (692 posts) -

you probably just ruined his kill/score streak. keep bringing a knife to a gun fight.

#16 Posted by JoeyRavn (5122 posts) -

I really hate people who can't play without making up rules when they are losing. "Nuh-uh, you can't no-scope, because it's not fair". Fuck you. Treyarch put the option to play only with knives in multiplayer for a reason: so people could use it if they wanted. If you don't like it, don't use it, and tough luck if somebody kills you with it.

Disclaimer: I never play multiplayer games, but I still hate those people.

#17 Posted by Robo (843 posts) -

I decided to dick around with a "scavenger" setup yesterday. Double perks, no weapons. Just a knife, some stun grenades, and a frag.

I was FUCKING PEOPLE UP. You run so goddamned fast most people literally don't even see you unless you're running straight at them, and even still most of them don't react quickly enough to stop you. And if you DO need a gun for some reason, there are usually plenty to choose from all over the place.

#18 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5094 posts) -

It's so easy to counter as long as you're aware of what's going on around you. Not cheap at all.

#19 Posted by llamaegg (232 posts) -

The Gold knife was the first thing I worked on getting, and yeah, as Robo said, you can mess people up super easy with Scavenger equipped (I prefer using the stun knife and flash bangs, you don't need any explosive 'nades I found), but it's serious blast to do. And look at it this way, people are bitching about knifing even though they're probably using an SMG, which easily seem like the king weapon of the game.

#20 Posted by huntad (2078 posts) -

I think it's a valid style of play. If it's in the game, it's okay to use. If it's proven to be cheap, and the developer doesn't patch it/fix it, they obviously don't care so it's fine to use it.

Do what you want, bro!

#21 Posted by SuicidalSnowman (467 posts) -

First, I agree, don't worry too much about what the randoms online tell you.

On the topic of the "Knife as Weapon" itself, I think it is nicely balanced in Black Ops II. It can be extremely powerful with the correct class setup, but it requires skill and thought. The MW2 combat knife, for example, was absurd with the lunge range and speed.

I have been trying the "Scanvenger" class as described by others, and I think the knife is fair. Most of the time, running directly at someone isn''t effective, sneaking around, however, is. Also, panic knifing has been somewhat nerfed as well.

Glad to see someone at Treyarch has been thinking about this stuff. I like that the knife is now an alternative weapon choice with pros and cons, just like all the guns.

#22 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Yeah I've been doing it for about a week now, on-and-off usually when I get frustrated by campers, it's a great way to creatively channel that frustration. Right into their backs.

But yeah you have to mute the mics because people get really needlessly angry about it. I don't really know why cause I often screw up and throw myself right at them, and it's easy kills for them. I never really win, either. Just kinda float around 2nd-4th on FFA matches. The anger off them seems pretty strange to me.

I almost have my golden knife, I'm pretty happy about that. The class is satisfying, it makes you fight for every inch in a way, and you really feel good when it all comes together and you start to do well.

#23 Posted by Abendlaender (2989 posts) -

I've been called worse things for:

-Playing good

-Playing bad



-Not camping

-Using grenades

so, who cares?

#24 Posted by Grillbar (1966 posts) -

I dont see a problem with it.

but then again i dont see a problem with using a boucing betty and the stun rod. thingy (the one you place). put those on top of each other and no matter what people do they will get killed by it since the reduced explosion dmg perk will not negate enough and since your stunned you cant duck fast enough to avoid the betty.

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i don't see a problem with it, i'll gladly shoot a knife rusher in the face if they try that on me and even if they do get me, i just laugh. It's all for fun. Some people are just way too aggro about their CoD. Keep on knifing yo!

all good since engineer perk and the black hat combo is your kryptonite.

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