MP match total EXP?

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I just got the game today, played some multiplayer and I can not, for the love of God, see how much exp I earned in game summary screen. I can only see individual badges or what ouy call them and their values, but no total exp earned. Is there no way to tell or am I just blind?

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@Quipido: I had the same issue, but finally realized you can use the bumpers/shoulder buttons at the "game over" summary screen to see a more detailed breakdown, including your total XP earned for the match and your K/D over the last 5 games.

#3 Posted by Quipido (853 posts) -

@CaskStrength: Thanks, but I don't think that's right - that screen only shows "score", which does not include exp from challenges and badges. It's the same number as in scoreboard. I am looking for exp gained from entire match.

#4 Posted by living4theday258 (693 posts) -

@Quipido: does it really matter to you that much?

#5 Posted by Quipido (853 posts) -

@living4theday258: not "that much", but it would be nice to see how fast one progresses - you can see the numbers for the level... It's also hard to compare different game modes exp-wise. I mostly play HC S&D anyway, but it would be nice to see that total number. It was in all the previous CoD games so it seems weird they dont show that number.

No biggie, I was just wondering.

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