So apparently there is a texture pack

#1 Posted by Sackmanjones (5272 posts) -

I just bought a copy in ps3 and didn't have time to play it before class so I was just browsing through menus. When I loaded up multiplayer and went to the options there was an install option for textures. As far as I can tell the game does not tell you this is even there and I'm not sure if you need to do it for the campaign or zombies. I just found this kind of crazy and wanted to let you all know if you were unaware before.

#2 Posted by Mr_Misery (345 posts) -

It doesn't make the game look better it just puts less stress on your PS3's Blu-Ray drive.

#3 Edited by StrainedEyes (1358 posts) -

It's only for the PS3 and it is "intended to reduce strain on the PS3's Blu-ray drive during extended gameplay sessions." Link.

#4 Posted by overnow (462 posts) -

Yeah I am the kind of person who goes through all of the options menus before I start a game and I noticed this too. The install was a bit over 1800MB on PS3.

#5 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

What a weird place we're in with this generation of consoles!

#6 Posted by Sackmanjones (5272 posts) -
@Mr_Misery@StrainedEyes that is really really strange. And why would they even call it a texture pack???
#7 Posted by Hosstile17 (788 posts) -

Because it is a pack of textures?

#8 Posted by Grissefar (2905 posts) -

It's sort of great that it is there. My PS3 was really loud and exhausted from playing MW3 to the point that I was worried.

#9 Posted by believer258 (13370 posts) -

I thought for a second that the PC version had high res textures or something.

#10 Posted by Lukeweizer (3220 posts) -

Could this be related the PS3 lock up issue mentioned in another thread?

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