walls disappearing pc black ops 2

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the game is having serious as hell issues with walls disappearing

and ive never seen anything as bad as what i have seen in the new "buried" map ever

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looks like a hack to me... j/k

Its either a massive game glitch that theres nothing you can do about it until it gets patched or its a graphics driver issue and you either need to update your driver or roll back to an older version, or perhaps just re-install the one you have. Maybe your graphics card starting to crap out, as noticeable with your other post about BL2. Its something to consider. When you start having these kinds of anomaly's with more then one game, its normally a hardware issue.

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its not the driver, this issue has always existed, im just going to be the first person to speak on it now

because the pc community REALLY ISNT as full of complaints as the console community, despite our stereotypes

people on the black ops 2 forums are saying that this is an issue with the 90 fov as opposed to the 65 or 80 fov

because we already have a LOW draw distance as opposed to the console version which has a higher one

so once we get a higher draw distance, which pretty much makes the effect of object level-of-detail appear as if we have taken many steps further back away from it........ stuff like this happens

the effect of us seemingly much further away from the object, making it drop its LOD.......... WITH us having a much lower draw distance than the console counterpart, causes this to happen

they need to add a higher draw distance to the PC version

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setting the FOV to 80 solved the problem

but treyarch still arent getting away with those low as hell draw distances

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