Easter Egg on Black Ops

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  Nicely done Treyarch, nicely done..
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I'm loving this.

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Haha...so cool!

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Quite neat indeed. 

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Seriously, Infinity Ward would never do something like that. Treyarch is awesome!

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That, my friends, is fucking awesome. It's also a game with zombies in it.

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Wicked cool :)

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@fox01313 said:
" Wicked cool :) "
Yep! Great mini-game.
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I wonder if it supports co-op.

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Fuck the rest of the game. I going strait to this first.

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I think the coolest part was that you could actually break out from the chair and that you actually got a whole keyboard to write with on the computer... 
The game was pretty cool too though.

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@Zyte: i found out it does.  both online and offline 
im so excited
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I like that the dude who made the vid is not a 13 year old like I kind of expected.

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@mano521: Alright! Awesome.
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I heard you could play Zork on that console also, and reading the achievements this-morning pretty much confirmed it as there is one for being eaten by a grue

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That's great. I'm going right to that.

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Thats awesome.
Time to blow some of my dumbass frat-friends minds. 

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@gilsham: Yep, just put zork in the computer.   

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