Well, looks like CoD finally has a proper physics engine.

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I'll admit, my distaste for many things Infinity Ward borders on being irrational, but one thing I legitimately took issue with them was that they weren't forward thinking developers, compared to Relic for single-handedly changing how RTSes are played and Valve for their continually mixing up the FPS formula (to be fair, I have no illusions that the top brass of Activision had something to do with IW's creative directions). One area in particular was the animations of their games, which have been carried over from CoD2 (goddamit, if I have to deal with another one of those fuckers who keep pulling out a pistol with their last breath in a CoD game...) Another thing that left a sour taste in me was the fact that in a mission of CoD4, I launched a 203 at a blob of guys and saw all four of them go down with the exact same animation. 
So I was pleasantly surprised to see a CoD game finally have a proper physics engine in this trailer (http://www.gametrailers.com/video/e3-2010-call-of/101261).  
I'm glad that CoD is shaping up to look like a different looking game at the hands of Treyarch, I wish them the best of luck in their efforts of moving out from under the shadow of Infinity Ward (despite my misgivings that it's still an Activision developer), and tiny touches like this puts them on the road to that.
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I just saw the trailer in GB...I hope these things were physics and not scripted. The explosions looked awesome!

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Scripted scene

Also those chairs don't even have any reason to be all spinning, with thee same speed no less.
As for the helicopter fly by, that looks mad scripted too. Doubly so considering it is not even you doing the shooting but your AI buddy shooting up the environment.

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