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Multiplayer Review
Black Ops delivers more variety from the casual Combat Training Mode to Zombie 1-4 player offline/online
right away you will notice that clearly the controversial MW2 Modern Warfare 2 last years Call of Duty 
was a mere Beta if you will and expensive one at that 
When you play Black Ops you can clearly tell their is a much better pace and balance play 
thanks to major tweaks from TreyArch the developers this time around 
the fame creators of one of  the most successful World War II games that being  World At War 
giving the game a solid feel from a better hit detection system to actual recoil and those pesky perks from MW2 being no more
One of the biggest improvements is the shut down of Quick Scoping which was major issue in previous installments as well other games 
but TreyArch has taking a firm stance against it by making it nearly impossible to pull of those cheap quick scope kills
Combat Training 
is a very refreshing mode that allows you to take on either Free For All or Team Death Match types 
where you alone or with invite friends take on AI Bots 
the cool thing about this is it has it's own rank and progression system that mimics the online multilayer component of the game 
casual players even hardcore players will be pleasantly surprised the AI Bots offer a solid challenge with 4 difficulty challenge to choose from as well as custom player count in a match and for each team 
Combat Training allows new players to veterans to experience the way multiplayer was meant to be
There back there is not to much of a tweak of this game type your still fighting Nazis and well that's not a bad thing!
the maps and the way they are setup are based off the last DLC map which introduced warping devices and weapon fusion machines from World At War which gave birth to this popular game mode that has become a entity of it's own 
For what you get in this game their is plenty of content that will appeal to all!
whether your a casual player Combat Training or Competitive player Multiplayer of course 
plus for Co-Op or horror fans 
Zombie Mode!
Black Ops gets a easy 5 out 5 and the best in the Call of Duty series a instant classic that arguably surpasses all COD as well as FPS games and then sum
The Good
4 ways to play the game Campaign MultiPlayer Zombie Mode & The new game mode Combat Training
More recoil no more laser guns
No overpowered an or combination Perks/Weapons  
Near Impossible to Quick Scope with a Sniper Rifle
The Bad
Nazi Zombie Mode has no drastic changes just new maps/characters etc. 
Theater Mode is limited to only MultiPlayer can't go back and watch Combat Training or Zombie Matches 

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Posted by DonPixel

All your "innovations" cited have been done years ago by CS modders and other games... you are a real  connoisseur.. not

Posted by Firrae

Someone's a Treyarch zealot. Like above said, all your fance "new" stuff has been done for years. CATCH THE FUCK UP!

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