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Once Again, A Long Awaited Game turned to a Dissapointment

 Once Again, Another Call of Duty Game, Wasn't Keen on this game at first cause I felt it wasnt gonna deliever as much tho being the same creators as world war war in which I wasnt a Huge Fan Of. After Play Modern Warefare 2 which I felt was a lot better, I decided to give Black Ops a go and see what it is like. Straight Away Picked Up the Controller and Started Having a look around and seeing what it offered. Played the storyline and started falling in love with it. Again, they have done the storyline quite well and Enjoyed it muchly. Love the Action and Adventure that you have to pace it.  However with the multiplayer, I wasnt too impressed. Felt like It wasnt up too scratch as yet, Graphics werent as detailed as what you saw in Modern Warefare and also there was also problems with connecting to people's lobbies or parties which can be quite annoying at times. The other difference that I aint a fan of now is that you have credits and that you have to buy certain attachments, weapons or perks and the design of your callname banner.  The Zombies mode I havent tried as yet but I'm Assuming that is fairly similar to World at War. 
Overall I would say this game is an average game. Just one of these games that we waited long for but then turns out not to be as great as I Thought.   
Let's Just See What TreyArch can come up with next, that is if they do make anymore releases. 

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