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failed game of the year

this game is as ruined as a call of duty can get. it a week of playing it ive smashed 3 controllers and almost thrown my ps3 out the window. the bs in this game reaches massive levels. i hope activision never lets treyarch make a call of duty again because just  like world at war, they screwed up bad. i fail to understand how the graphics got worse from modern warfare 2 to black ops, how the gameplay got worse, how just everything about it got worse. the only reason i bought it was because modern warfare 2 got taken over by hackers, but dealing with them is almost better than trying to play this game. If you asked me id guess that treyarch made all the hacks that ruined mw2 just to boost sales of this horrible game. the campaign mode was ok but only took about 3 hours to beat. the multiplayer which is what i bought this game for was a giant step down. i really cant think of anything good about this game.

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Posted by JJWeatherman

ive smashed 3 controllers    

lol. I demand pictures.

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