captmagic123's Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360) review

Very much the same as the other COD Games.

First off, let me start of my saying that I don't want t start any flame wars over this review, this is just my honest opinion of the game. 
The game feels nice, but how many shooting games can you make before they start looking the same? I mean, Black ops looks like MW1, and that looks like the other two Modern Warfair titles on the market. how long can Activition go on before every one else starts seeing the same game with updated maps and weapon and armour classes? they are starting to bleed together and beginning to look like the same game as the last. 
+Graphics are amazing.
+Gameplay is outstanding. 
+The combination of weapons and accessories to outfit you're character is virtually limitless. 
+ The amount of people that play is still a large number even with the release of Modern Warfair three. 
 -The fact that all of the COD games begging with Modern Warfair one look the same. 
-Activition is starting to run out of ideas for first person shooters. 
Is the game worth buying? 
In my opinion, yes it is it's an over all good game, it's just that all of them are starting to look alike al of a sudden.     

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