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Black Ops redifines the shooter experience

Game play: Call of Duty Black Ops really had its mindset on the right development ,the amazing action sequences in the game are a very delicate experience. You are seeing Mason’s flashback troughout his hole career and it has 15 great missions in varied locales and I was very happy with how the game always kept its own suspense. Black ops really kept me motivated troughout the campaign I tought there was a lot of enemies in the game who are involved in the story and the nova 6 project I found it confusing at times. We all know the amount of call of duty games are unbearable at this point but this game is a guaranteed giving for its genre even tho it is getting very repetitive. Zombies is a very great game mode it allows you a challenge to eliminate zombies in rounds and the more rounds you survive the faster the zombies run and there is more running after you. You can play that game mode solo or with friends that enhance the online experience.

Sound: The Sound and music are very loud and immersive, running trough the snowy villages and hearing that whistle sound around you and guns blazing from side to side is a great experience very impressed and I have no flaws to point out.

Graphics:The visuals are astonishing especially by the fact that there is so much going on in the gameplay very impressed and proud of its end result.

Overall: Black ops is very impressive and I suggest to watch gameplay footage of the game before buying it because of the fact that there is so many Call Of Duty games nowadays.


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