How does the dog die?

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Poll: How does the dog die? (365 votes)

Saving your life 43%
you have to kill the dog 20%
The badguy kills the dog while you are forced to watch 38%

Since EA is CLEARLY going to kill the dog in COD: Ghosts for cheap empathy points, the only question is how are they going to do it?

The dog heroically dies to save your life? Maybe jumping in front of a bullet meant for you?

The badguy kills the dog while you are incapacitated making you hate him even more?

Or they make you pull the trigger ala "No Russians".

#102 Edited by NTM (7620 posts) -

More like the dog will be the only one standing and will kill the main antagonist. I don't know, but I would hope it's A, but I don't see that happening.

#103 Posted by oraknabo (1514 posts) -

Chinese dog food

#104 Posted by Residentrevil2 (472 posts) -

Xbox One dropped from a window.

I kid, probably while the player is incapacitated.

Now, all I need is that new Xbox.

#105 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (3955 posts) -

Dog turns out to be Zakhaev reincarnated, he betrays and leaves you for dead.

#106 Posted by JouselDelka (966 posts) -

This is... disgusting animal brutality. Unless I'm seeing it wrong?

#107 Posted by SlashDance (1845 posts) -

@jouseldelka: You're seeing it wrong. The dog just jumped out of the car, I'm sure he was fine.

#108 Posted by KamasamaK (2412 posts) -

I'm stealing this, but...

You bash its head in with a brick using mandatory Kinect.

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