New Cod Clan for Giant Bomb

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I created a new clan since the OP about clans seems to be MIA. Nothing super competitive, just have fun, and shoot people in the face, or crotch, whichever you prefer.

Edit: Just to let anyone know, it looks like clan functions are currently busted at the moment. I can't access any clan info via the IOS app and can't even login to the windows 8 app. From what i understand, clans are supposed to be cross platform in this game and they're scheduled to be rolling out their clan wars feature next monday so maybe some improvements will happen then. Until then i'll keep an eye on it and keep adding yourselves to the thread if you want to participate. P.S. Hoping for a good clan emblem editor as i usually can make a decent bomby with them. here's some of the ones i made for bf4 and blops 2.

Name : Giant Bomb Squad

Gamertag/PSN IDPlatform
Old Man LightXbox 360
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This sounds cool :D

PSN ID: bobbydyne

Platform: PS4

And I live in the Central time zone in case anyone ever wanted to know

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XBL: UberCharge

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XBL: Dolenraug

Xbox One

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PSN: NMeck702

Platform: PS4

Getting the game tomorrow (11/25) or Tuesday. Delivery date keeps changing. I haven't played CoD in a few years, so I'll probably be rusty for a few days :)

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Well I already joined another clan but I'd love to play with some giantbombers! My id is Sander1887. I'll add you guys who are also on PS4 when I get the chance.

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I'm down.

PSN: Bez__o

Platform: PS4

Live in Sf, Pacific Standard time.

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for anyone who wants to join please click the apply button for Giant Bomb Squad in the call of duty app. I don't see another way of doing this ATM.

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sent out the first batch of invites to the Giant Bomb Squad clan. if your username is below i had trouble sending your invite because either you did not appear in the ghosts app at all or it could not display your info (maybe hitting some sort of privacy setting issue on PSN/XBL is all i can guess, or maybe it's just still kinda broken). At any rate, verify your info and privacy settings if you're still interested and i'll check back over the next few days until i can get everybody invited. If you're no longer interested or have found a clan home elsewhere, just let me know so i can cross you off the list.

Thanks All!

@bobbyr , @thatonedudenick , @sander , @zachmorrissey--DEF , @athadam , @marc , @koolaid39 , @sammo21 , @wikitoups , @runcrash , @enemaems ,

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@oldmanlight: Sweet! I'm in.

PSN: Veggiesbro


I'm on Mountain time.

On a sort of related note. Is there a clan for BF4? I've searched the site, and haven't come across anything...

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Hmm, weird. I just sent a request to join the clan through the app. Maybe that'll work. Also, I'm terrible at CoD right now. I haven't played CoD, nor any console shooters in years. I'm still in that phase of getting shot in the back while learning the layouts. :)

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XBox - sourdeane

I'm on Eastern Time trying not to get shot in the back.

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@oldmanlight: I just applied for the clan on the app. Or at least I think I did, that app is kinda weird to me haha

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just joined up by using the app

psn: nabooey

gonna play some ghost tonight! est time

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@veggiesbro said:

@oldmanlight: Sweet! I'm in.

PSN: Veggiesbro


I'm on Mountain time.

On a sort of related note. Is there a clan for BF4? I've searched the site, and haven't come across anything...

From what i've read Battlefield 4 is just trying to function as stable at this point. i haven't heard anything further about platoon or clan support for that yet. During the Bad Company 2 and BF3 days @ahmadmetallic was the guy to speak to about that on PC, not sure if he's still gonna do that for BF4.

Edit: scratch that, looks like @akrid has been organizing a GB BF4 PC server as of about a month ago, you can ask him.

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I've been playing this on my Xbox One pretty regularly lately so I joined the clan. Hit me up if you want to play.

GT: Leon592

I'm still getting used to the changes they made to MP at the moment, so my scores fluctuate wildly. :)

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Hey guys, just a friendly heads up, if you're in on the CoD Ghost's clan which i think i've gotten everyone who's interested and who's applied via the companion app. There's the 2nd round of clan wars. going on this weekend. Currently we're "targeting" Friday 1630 EST: TDM for 30 wins (combined i believe) we currently have 7 and Also you get +20% XP in the TDM hopper, as we complete the objectives, i'll try to change the objective so we can get bonus XP in other playlists as well. Not sure if wins gained in other playlists count if they are not the active objective but i may test that later. Let me know if you want to focus on something else and you should be able to see what's going on via the "clan wars" thing via the companion app on your IOS, Android, or Windows 8 devices.

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Anybody still playing this on 360? Picked it up pretty cheap and I'm having fair fun with it!

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