The Ghostly Giantbomb Clan For Ghosts

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Hey guys, I wanted to gauge your interest in starting a Giantbomb community clan for the Xbox One.

I've always put hundreds of hours into the "new" COD each year, and would love to hang out with fellow bombers - and perhaps even get a little competitive with Clan Wars. But since not everyone would be playing on the same system, perhaps it's best if I just update a table with IDs and system preferences. Let me know what works and what doesn't.

AthadamXbox One

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I'd love to play with some Giantbombers.

My PSN ID is Sander1887. I'm planning on playing on PS4.

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marcaractac, ps4

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kool aid39 - 360/XBO

It would be a lot of fun to play with some Bombers!

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@athadam: Surprisingly little activity in this thread, but if you're still actively trying to build this up, I'll pin this to the board for you.

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I will have the game on PS4 but not sure if I will start my own thing or what. Feel free to add me. I will also be playing BF4.

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if anyone is on ps3 my psn id is: nabooey

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Waderino92 PS4

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If you are on PS4 my ID is runcrash

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PSN name is Ringwraith. Just applied through the COD app on iPad.

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I was the first to respond to this thread and I still haven't been accepted. It's been 29 days lol. So good luck to the rest of you.

[Somebody needs to make another thread and clan!]

edit: Gonna add those of you on PS4, my ID is Sander1887.

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