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@haffy said:

I haven't played the CoD games in a while, but how is the game not balanced? Everyone gets the same shit. It's hasn't changed to CS style where one team gets access to certain weapons or something has it?

It also means the balancing of weapons, perks, kill streaks and so on, which many have been flat out retarded in numerous Call of Duty games. Just because everyone can technically use the same stuff doesn't mean it is balanced.

Anyone could use Akuma in Super Turbo. Was he balanced? lolno

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.. still the best fast arcade action FPS on the consoles though, right? People enjoy it. I don't think it needs to be anything more than it already is. The only bad thing you could probably say about it is that other companies have used poor judgement dumping cash and time into a "CoD Killer" when they should have been just trying to make awesome games that stand on their own. Not exactly Activision's fault.

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A significant percentage of CoD's popularity can be attributed to the genre.

Anyone saying the game is "badly made" is out to lunch, just ignore the worthless opinion and move on. Not liking something doesn't make something bad.

If there's one awesome thing that separates video games from music and film it's that sales aren't driven by some celebrity face or sexy marketing (shhh! don't tell the game marketers this). There's no game that sells millions of copies that is utter shit, and that's that. No on plays games that feel awful.

If a horror series can have 10-12 movies that all have the same plot and different versions of the same kills and still be popular and loved, who's to say games can't do the same? Only enthusiasts like us complain about more of the same - it's what everyone else wants.

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Am i really the only one liking the last max payne game ?

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@ll_exile_ll: completely agree with this! Plus, every year COD gets shorter and shorter with how fast its modded, even on console. Watch your killcams, I am already seeing "heat seeking" grenades and lunging stabs. On 360 at least.

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