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I thought this was kind of funny, so I thought I'd share:

From the Escapist:

Well, I guess I have to eat my M-16. Last week, I made the bold prediction that MW3 was going to sell well, but that it wouldn't do as well as its predecessors. After five days of sales figures were released by Activision today with MW3 grossing $775 million in just five days

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@max3000: I think Bobby Kotick might rent the staples center again!
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Someone get Leigh Alexander on the phone and apologize. She was right all along.

[Oh and <>]

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Oh man...


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Haha! Made me chuckle :>

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That was a fun day. <>

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That's million bucks.

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Saw this earlier, but was beaten to the thread. Still this is fucking hilarious! <>

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And that was E3.......... <>

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So... Is that like million bucks?

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That's an illegal amount of money.

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Kotick is messing with us.

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Alright then lets keep pumping these things out!

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almost 7 billion in sales for the franchise overall?....how much goes to pay the employees of all 3 studios and the marketing and the execs in charge? It can't be all of it right? How about they spend that extra scrilla on a new engine or something....I hope they do that for next year (yeah it's coming deal with it).

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You do realize that that's more then how much it cost to make Avatar, right?

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=O Holy cow! That is a lot of money for one game

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@Vinny_Says: sorry but that would cut into profits, my guess there will never be a full on engine change, it runs well, looks good for everyone so why spend the money and maybe induce issues. shit they didn't even pony up the cash for the elite service from the start and they are charging for that. my question would be are they counting elite subscriptions in that 775 million?

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This is the only time I will ever accept it as okay for this joke to come screaming back.

Next they'll be officially deeming Nazi uniforms 'objectively sexy'!

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Naturally, they'll use the entirety of the profits from their biggest game just to throw a giant party for game journalists.


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Can anyone explain <> to me I don't get it -_-

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Cool, can't wait for the next handful of CoD games that are practically identical. Thanks a lot consumers.

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@EightBitShik said:

Can anyone explain <> to me I don't get it -_-

watch E3 2010 (09?) podcasts

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That is quite a bit of money, some of it mine, but it is over now Activision. I wanted to see the end of MW story line and now that it is over.

You better innovate yourself Call of Duty!

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@artgarcrunkle said:

Cool, can't wait for the next handful of CoD games that are practically identical. Thanks a lot consumers.

Doesn't all of this stuff make you just want to run out and spend 60$ on some annual COD? I think I might take a 4-5 year break from this franchise and see where they take the franchise.

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No wonder they make one every year.

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@Delta_Ass said:
You do realize that that's more then how much it cost to make Avatar, right?
Yet they still won't bother with a new engine. It's why I don't accept "It still looks ok".
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I think we all can agree that's an illegal amount of money


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Sounds about right.
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All the good jokes have already been made so..

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they're $60 short because I didn't buy it.

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Something something, Nazi Uniforms, something something, irregardless.

Yeah. All of these jokes have been made. <>

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I saw this on the BBC News website and had the exact same reaction. Of all the numbers it could be that it made $775 million is too perfect.

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Is the entire Internet reporting on something a drunk woman said 18 months ago? I can't tell if Activision is serious or not.

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Friend cut this out and delivered it to me. She said she thought I might be interested. When I saw the number, I realized she had no idea how much.


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And they're not even going to use half that money for their games.

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Staples Center acquired!

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I wonder what will be the game that dethrones Call of Duty

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Haha this is great news.

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I don't want to live

on this planet


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