Can't help but buy this game

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I was a little worried with the earlier talk about this game being a prequel, but even though I don't want to buy another COD game having not touched Black Ops in months, the continuing adventures of Price and Soap are just too enticing to not check out. 

Anyone else feel the same way? Hopefully they will somehow make the multiplayer feel fresh again. 
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I was this way with Black Ops, I told myself I was done with COD, but after seeing some of the game from a friend I went out and picked it up, but I ended up only playing it for a little over a week.

I'm telling myself I don't want to buy MW3, and this time I probably won't "crack" like I did last year, seeing as how there are going to be way more games coming out around then.

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I have been done with COD since COD4 (MW1) 

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you could just rent it

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@Laketown said:
you could just rent it

Or just read the plot write-up on Kotaku?
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I will.

#7 Posted by BabyChooChoo (4807 posts) -

No. I'm done with the experience CoD tries to offer.

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Skyrim is coming out the same week, I'm getting that instead :\   i'm burnt out on Call of Duty.

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I bought Black Ops and solely regreted it (ended up selling it a month later). I'm just tired of the MP formula so I'll just rent MW3 for the SP.
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Nope, I'm done. 

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@Marz said:
Skyrim is coming out the same week, I'm getting that instead :\   i'm burnt out on Call of Duty.
Well this settles it. Skyrim is a much larger priority for me that MW3. I'll just give it a rental a couple months later and blast through the sp.
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I'm buying it, I'll see how long I'll last.

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No interest in the MW setting or characters, and unless they really shake up the MP I will be skipping it.

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I'll rent it like I've rented the other ones to blast through the SP and then be satisfied.

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Given the pedigree of the studios involved the game will probably be fantastic. I wouldn't mind getting it for the campaign ,not really to see how it ends but to see how they get to the end. The single player in MW2 might not have made any sense but it was a damn fun ride from start to finish (except maybe the Brazil level). 

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I want to play the spec ops mode.

That's how MW3 is gonna get me to cough up.
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I want it day one, I have an investment in those characters and a need to see how all this stuff wraps up. Not to mention I always have a fair amount of fun with the multiplayer. Im sure it'll be a blast., they always are.

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I'll play it, Call of Duty games are pretty fun.

#20 Posted by Yanngc33 (4461 posts) -

I just play them for the campaign at this point

#21 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19388 posts) -

I'll buy it day 1. I want to see what happens with Price and Soap and I also very much enjoy the multiplayer.

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I dont know, i think im gonna buy it none the less, though MW2 was a bit of a downer with the horrible matchmaking and such on the pc. But COD still remains one of those only franchises, that still has that fast paced quake feel to it. Which i really like in multiplayer shooters (but maybe that's just because it still has some quake tech in the engine :p )

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I will buy it if they finally dump that engine they have been using for way to long by now, I want my cod to look good. Besides that I have never been able to follow the story so this game is purely multiplayer for me.

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We are all buying it. Hell, even Call of Duty haters will buy it.

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If the campaign is actually worth playing, Spec Ops isn't just a re-hash of the Modern Warfare 2 gametypes on different maps, and the multiplayer makes at least some attempt to differ itself from previous Call of Duty' any way...I'll probably cave and buy it.

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The real Captain Price left with Respawn.

#27 Posted by laserbolts (5365 posts) -
Must.........resist..........this game. Seriously though since skyrim is coming out the same week I'll be getting that. I buy my call of duty for the mp and if I start playing mp a month or so after release it will suck. The most important thing about cod mp is knowing the maps and by then I'll be at a pretty big disadvantage.
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@Marz said:
Skyrim is coming out the same week, I'm getting that instead :\   i'm burnt out on Call of Duty.
Yeah, I'll be going with Skyrim as well.
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I've been done with CoD for a while - Probably played MW2 the most but it wasn't hard to pass MW1's two weeks.

Been so long since I've been able to play a shooter and enjoy myself, Killzone 3 lasted maybe three days.
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Long campaign, and a more fleshed out spec-ops mode equals buy for me.  Loved the MW2 campaign, far more than any CoD game before.

Unlike most, the mp is pretty irrelevant to me.

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I'll most likely rent it or borrow it from a friend to play through the campaign, maybe take a glimpse at the multiplayer. However, if the multiplayer isn't massively different from previous iterations, I'll gladly be buying Skyrim instead.

#32 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5730 posts) -
I expected to be that way with BlOps, but I never got it, and don't feel worse off for it. I might get this one just because I do enjoy the setting and the feel of MW vs BlOps, but chances are I won't be picking this up. I'll probably be around it a good bit in the service, assuming I manage to make it through high school and then basic training, so maybe that will convince me. But they need to make this game something other than a Reach equivalent if I'm going to buy it. And I wouldn't mind if they toned down the kill stream rewards. They were just too good, and took away from the core gameplay too much. The better you did, the more exponentially powerful you got? Seems a bit silly when you are getting gunned down by a chopper gunner who locked on to you through a concrete wall and proceeded to blast you to pieces before you even had a line of site. Plus, forcing everyone to hold a launcher or just deal with that shit when they weren't playing in an organized fashion was kind of a bummer.
I feel like this game for me will be for CoD what DA2 was for Bioware in terms of my lasting interest. CoD 4 was an AWESOME game, one of my favorite MP shooters of all time, probably second only to TF2, MW2 was a hoot, but they need to keep makin' interesting and engaging games or I'm just going to give up on the series, and probably won't come back even if they make the perfect MW game. I'm hoping this won't be a DA2 situation.

@AlexW00d said:
@Laketown said:
you could just rent it
Or just read the plot write-up on Kotaku?
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I regreted buying MW2. I had some fun with it, but it wasn't my kinda game. I was incredibly tempted to buy Black Ops, but I ended up not buying it in the end. Now that I've already skipped BO, I think it'll be easier for me to skip this one too. I think I'll just go with Battlefield 3 this time.

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Not at all, I end up borrowing the games a year later from a friend, mainly for achievements. I am completely over what these games have to offer.

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Why purchase when you can wait a week for Skyrim? And when you're done with Skyrim the price on MW3 is $15

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for some reason i play every cod game after the midnight release and see how high i can manage to climb the leaderboards online before it all breaks. i play with a small crew so its always fun to see the new stuff they put in and learn the formula all over again. then i complain about how annoying some things are, take a break, and come back in a couple weeks and try again.

its a sick system, but its like a god damn tradition.

its actually sad that i don't get to play the campaign as fast as i want. since anytime im on my friends just coax me into playing online. and since i always play through on veteran, its not something i could just breeze through for the story only, fuckin a i need to be coherent to hide behind a wall and hope i dont die as i get a checkpoint ;)
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I'm sure I'll get it. I bet half the people in here thinking they won't, will.

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