Do you want GB to continue their coverage of modern warfare 3?

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#101 Edited by LordXavierBritish (6320 posts) -

Oh no, people liking video games.


#102 Posted by Yanngc33 (4496 posts) -

I just want to see the ridiculous toy they'll be bundling with the prestige edition

#103 Posted by Vexxan (4623 posts) -

Why wouldn't they cover it?

#104 Posted by Sam400k (6 posts) -

This poll makes the internet look bad.

#105 Posted by MegaMetaTurtle (414 posts) -
@Chabbs0 said:
@billnyethesciencepie said:
@Mahonay: idiot read the poll  im not saying they shouldnt, im asking what people PERSONALLY THINK
It is dumb though.
Pretty much. 
Though you can tell OP is a cool guy, since he hates CoD and all.
#106 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2132 posts) -

Personally no I don't, however as a big game with a lot of people who will buy it regardless they are pretty much forced to comment on it if they want to be seen as a relevant video game website.  Regardless of quality (and I'm just being really loose with this comparison), it would be like if they decided to ignore Starcraft 2 for some reason.  It wouldn't be a good idea to just stop reporting on a game with a large as heck player-base regardless of the reason.  Even if they remain ok there really isn't any good justifiable reason not to cover MW3.

#107 Posted by Tebbit (4480 posts) -
@MegaMetaTurtle said:
@Chabbs0 said:
@billnyethesciencepie said:
@Mahonay: idiot read the poll  im not saying they shouldnt, im asking what people PERSONALLY THINK
It is dumb though.
Pretty much.   Though you can tell OP is a cool guy, since he hates CoD and all.
Are you saying... he doesn't shot aleins and is afraid of anything?
#108 Edited by Brendan (8001 posts) -

I feel like the CoD hate on this site is getting a little weird lately.  I mean, I'm no fan, but some people here seem to be putting an abnormal effort into shutting this game down.  Those people need to chill.

#109 Posted by Hunkulese (2835 posts) -
Why would they bother covering the third game of the most  popular franchise of all time? 
I know it's hard to wrap your tiny brain around but if you don't want to read about MW don't click on the link.
#110 Posted by thornie_delete (436 posts) -
@Brendan: Most of the people here are still in High School and associate the CoD games with the "dumb jock" persona.  They hate the fact the most popular game in their favorite media is analogous to the most popular kids in their school.  I say get over it...  We all play games, we all love video games, some of us play Madden and CoD, and some of play Portal and Mass Effect.  Some of us like myself (and I would imagine many others here), play them all.
#111 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5288 posts) -

Uhh why wouldn't they? It's going to be the biggest game in the world, it would be in their best interest to cover it.
Remember, they are trying to get website hits just as much as the next guy. They way they do it is just way better.

#112 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1866 posts) -

Sure, why wouldn't they? It's a huge release and a sequel to a 2009 Game of the Year contender, it makes sense to cover it.

#113 Posted by jillsandwich (762 posts) -
@billnyethesciencepie said:
Yeah,'s still pretty fucking dumb man.
#114 Posted by Portis (1290 posts) -

Odd question to ask. 
But, in no universe do they not cover a game that is guaranteed to sell 8 million copies. And if you don't want to see it, just don't watch or read any of the coverage. It won't be that much -- you ask the question as if the site is going to turn into a secondary version of Call of Duty Elite. There will probably a TNT, a review and story about some problem the servers are having, not that big of a deal.

#115 Edited by BrockNRolla (1702 posts) -

COD is a fundamental part of the video game industry as it currently stands. Like it or not, ignoring it would be silly. It would be like say, "I like to keep up with politics, but I ignore everything about the Republicans because I don't like them." You can't possibly cover the game industry in a comprehensive way without covering COD. 
I WANT Giant bomb to cover the video game industry, so they SHOULD cover COD.

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