First Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailer Premieres Tonight

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#151 Posted by Kayotix (39 posts) -

Yeah its CoD with added BRO!!! Who thought the "3's" instead of "E's" was an actually good idea? Looks so damn dumb
#152 Posted by squeemish (3 posts) -

looked pretty bad ass

#153 Posted by High_Charity_Arbiter (1 posts) -

After seeing this trailer, I'm even more psyched for E3. It was so epic, showing America, England, and France under siege. I thought that MW 2 was great. The campaign will be one to remember. E3 2011 is coming guys. Can you feel it?

#154 Posted by Jerome85 (258 posts) -

Can't wait to own you people online to where you bitch and moan about playing multiplayer some more.  Never fails. 

#155 Posted by Majkiboy (996 posts) -

i cant understand why people still get hyped for this bs :S

#156 Posted by AngelofDeath (25 posts) -
I agree the multiplayer needs to change.....Im disappointed already...
#157 Posted by EpsilonSE (179 posts) -

I can't bring myself to care about this anymore. The dead horse has been officially beaten past death. At least Black Ops was a change of scenery and that zombie DLC looked fun, but this... It's like a marketing team got together and said, "MW3 needs MORE modern warfare! More nukes! More invasions! More destroyed urban landscapes! More nonsensical crazy plot devices! More spooky Russians! More Soap, but also more dirt! We'll call it: Modern Warfare 3: The Most Modernist Warfare: X-tream!" After all these years of playing Call of Duty games, I just don't give a shit anymore.

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