How to glide in MW3

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A few months back I posted a video about how to dance in MW3 (an original glitch discovered by me - or so I think). Well now I'm back and I think I've discovered another glitch.

This time it's how to glide in MW3. This is just a prep video and I still need to work on the glitch more. It requires amazing timing and some patience.

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Hope you guys enjoyed it and don't count it as youtube spam (since I created it and it's original content).

Also here's how to dance if you missed it the first time:

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#3 Posted by believer258 (13370 posts) -

I saw the "how to dance" video soon after the game came out...

#4 Posted by castermhief117 (799 posts) -

@believer258 said:

I saw the "how to dance" video soon after the game came out...

You're most likely talking about MoutainDewd and his video:

Let me assure you, it's not the same glitch at all :)

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The first thing is called snaking I think, it's a cheap tactic mainly used in competitive but you get the odd player using it in pubs. Dancing made me lol.

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