I dreamed an imagined opening to MW3 (cutscene tortured to death)

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So this is the first time I have ever written down anything I've dreamed before. I do this because I don't want to forget the sequence and events that happened and because I honestly felt I was experiencing the opening to MW3 as I was dreaming and the moment I woke up. It would be crazy if I had some crazy premonition right?
As for as I can tell the dream opened with an MK vs Marvel vs Capcom match between me and my friend at some imaginary arcade. It has no real connection to the rest of my dream, but it does establish the fact that I can somehow feel pain in the dream. I've felt many things in many dreams and have done some amazing things in them, but I don't recall ever feeling something that I could describe as real pain. In any case, I beat my friend with some Iron Man style proton canon, which falls forth every MK colored ninja into the arcade. They catch us, tie is up, and proceed to skewer us with machete like weapons of various sizes. I say they skewered us, but my dream cut to the moment when they started taking them all out of our body. I myself have never been stabbed before, but I have had some procedures where I've felt metal object pierce my body. I assume my mind referenced and combined different instances to create the sensations, but it all went to hell when I had one pulled right below my eye ending the whole sequence.
The second sequence in my dream is some sort of apocalyptic monster cloverfield attack on my city where my friends and family try to deal with the situation (they don't do well). The only scene that I can see having any bearing on this MW3 opening is one where Lost's Jack Shepard tears a guy's leg and bone apart with a hammer to get information on someone who may have been killed by said guy. This whole second sequence ending up being the majority of my dream and I can recall the whole thing fairly well, but I want to stick with what could have created the last sequence.
The third and final sequence was unique in ways I never even considered for dreams. In my life I can cite various examples for all the different categories of dreams (lucid, recurring, waking, etc.) I've had, but this was some strange amalgamation of first person, third person, narrator omniscience BS. This is how it goes. I find myself loading nothing into a big rig at night in some suburban neighborhood. I say I'm loading nothing because as far as I can tell I am trying to fold the big rig transformer style into something smaller and more manageable to pick up and take away. The awkwardness of this act is not lost on me as I start to wonder why I'm there and why I'm trying to fold up a truck. I didn't wonder long before a police car pulled up and asked me what I was doing. I was surprised to see myself rattle of some BS answer about painting a neighbors house yellow, telling the cop I had forgotten to get consent from the neighbors, and failing to let my parents inform them ahead of time of what I was doing. At this point I'm myself in the first person, but before I could correct anything I've said before I'm escorted by the cop to some waiting spec op dudes. At this point the whole visual quality of my dream changes from lifelike to the Modern Warfare graphics engine. The last thing I hear the cop say is, "You're one crazy guy." I'm crazy because I seem to be some home grown terrorist trying to paint a house yellow to indicate the site of attack. I'm thrown into the back of some dark container as I'm told that, "You will talk." The door couldn't be closed for more than a second before 4 German Shepherds pry the door open only to be held a few inches from me. I can't remember the last time I felt fear in my life, but it was definitely fear that froze my body as I looked right into their snapping jaws. They were held for a few seconds and then promptly released. I didn't have much time to put my hands up, but I fortunately only felt a few bites before everything faded to black. 
Now should probably be a good time to mention that I've been bitten by dogs hard enough to draw blood twice in my life and on another occasion I was dropped to the floor by my uncle's German Shepherd and the only thing keeping it from mauling my face was the vice like grip I had on its neck. 
So fade back up and I can see that I've been mauled pretty bad. How badly I don't really know because I am myself in the first person and it stays that way for the rest of my dream. All I could see is that my hands and arms show signs of self defense. I could hear two spec op looking guys talk about the legality of what they're doing, but I don't remember now what they were saying. At the time all lines of dialogue were coming in crystal clear and it was some pretty good dialogue. In any case, the doors of my container are opened to reveal one guy holding a gas can. Gas is haphazardly thrown in my direction, but I wasn't doused in gasoline. There was only enough to make a trail of gas toward my legs. I can only assume the aim of this was to get me to talk before the flames would reach me, but the scripted nature of the scene prevented me from saying anything. I felt the heat and burning sensation (yes, I've been burned before by an open flame and hot kitchen utensils so I'm drawing pain reference from that I guess) only for a few seconds. I didn't feel my body engulfed in flames, but I could see it happening. I can only assume that it looked pretty bad from my captors perspective because the fire was put out before I burned to death. I would guess that I had received some second and third degree burns from the look of my arms. By now the situation seems to have gotten out of hand as one guy makes one last ditch effort to get me to talk by holding what looks like a 25 pound plate for a bench press bar over me. At this point I don't know if I'm unable to talk or merely forced to be defiant because of the scene, but the soldier seems hesitant to strike. There's some talk that I can no longer remember before the plate smashes my face. It hurts and nearly knocks me out, but I stay conscience. It may have been better for me if the dream had killed me there, but I guess the whole dream would have lost its impact if the finale didn't occur. The commanding officer comes over and takes the 25 pound plate away from the soldier that hesitated. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he has no intention of having me talk. He holds the plate with the edges facing me and proceeds to cave in my face. I could not tell you how happy I was to know it was soon going to end and how doubly happy I was to find out that his first and subsequent impacts dealt no pain. It was surreal to see my cheek bones start to rise out of my peripheral vision as I was smashed Irreversible style.
I woke up 3 hours after I had initially gone to sleep and simply stayed awake. I had debated whether I should get this dream on paper, but I finally caved and decided to put it here as this tl;dr post. I don't know if there is a question or anything in this, but if there is I guess it would be if you've ever been tortured to death in a dream and felt the pain of it.

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This week has been full of dream threads. It's contagious.

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Should've created this in the MW3 forums

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