Multiplayer Menu Problems

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Is anyone else experiencing any problems in the game's multiplayer menu? The menus aren't as responsive as the campaign menus and they freeze every other second. I don't seem to be the only one either. Modern Warfare 3 Freezing

I've even resorted to installing the game to my HDD (360), still no luck.

#2 Posted by Eojay (184 posts) -

Yeah, I get this, most often when jumping in and out of lobbies with a party. Pretty annoying. :/

#3 Posted by familyphotoshoot (653 posts) -

I had the game lag horribly going into multiplayer earlier this morning, to the point where it was taking a good five seconds to respond to the fact that I had scrolled down to the next menu option.

It also completely hardlocked in the middle of a match later that same morning. Had to reboot my Xbox.

#4 Posted by jokingknight22 (39 posts) -

Just tried it again myself...still effed up

#5 Posted by Kato (156 posts) -

Has anyone cleared their cache? If I still can't join a match with this effed up menu I'm gonna do that next.

#6 Posted by graboids (210 posts) -

I had it last night, cleared the system cache and it seemed to help a lot, still not 100% perfect but I went from not being able to play to getting into games after clearing the cache. worth a shot.

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