MW3 Multiplayer Video Community Thread

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This thread is intended to serve two purposes:

1) Allow Giant Bomb members a safe place to share their videos and promote their You Tube channels.

2) Allow people without You Tube channels a place to share videos of their favorite You Tube commentators.

If you're a fan of Call of Duty, you probably enjoy watching people play Call of Duty. With a capture card, obviously anyone can upload full matches to You Tube. But even without a capture card, everyone will soon be able to upload 30 second clips from MW3 directly to their You Tube account. If they're premium Elite subscribers, they'll have double that space, and be able to upload minute long videos. This service will be in addition to the in-game theater mode, which will still allow you to view and save the replays of several full games.

Although this is the MW3 forum, feel free to post video from any Call of Duty title in this thread. Please also note that I will be editing this original post and keeping a list of the You Tube channels for Giant Bomb members who post COD videos, regardless of whether they're capture card owners, or just people with some cool-looking 30 second clips.

When you post videos, please include a short description. If the video is your own gameplay, please say so in the post, so I can add you to the original thread.

While I have no illusions that this thread will be anywhere near as successful, I want this to be the video equivalent of the Black Ops custom emblems thread. At the very least, I'd like for it to be a good place to learn about good You Tube commentators, and to share your own favorites.

Because the thread title does say "MW3 Multiplayer Video," I thought I would start here:

This is someone who attended the COD XP event, so he has already played MW3. He has a series of videos where he commentates over some MW3 gameplay from gamespot, and talks about the maps from his experience with them. Here's his video for the Resistance map.

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This is one of the most impressive videos I've ever seen. The next time you have a really bad game of Call of Duty, just be thankful that you didn't lose a team deathmatch 100 to 7500... AGAINST ONE PLAYER!

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I enjoyed watching that. That would not be fun to be on the receiving end of that kind of punishment.

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That dude is lethal...

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First of all, that video was amazing.

Second, I'll defiantly be posting videos on here. I'm just starting out so it would be cool to hear some feed back from the GB Crew.

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This is my best run on the Spec Ops Mission "Stay Sharp"

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Hello everyone this is our review of MW3. We've been playing non stop for the last two days and hoenstly I find something I like and something that aggrivates me every few hours. Let me know your thoughts and enjoy the video. (PS- if there is any videos you would like to see from MW3 feel free to leave a comment here or on our channel and we'll try our best to help you out.)

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@thered: very good review of modern warfare you have there, but i agree with ya every few hours i get ragefested with something or another but also ten secs later could find something i love lol

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Some nice tips regarding the air drop trap:

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MW3 tip videos don't get much more useful than this, although you're all certainly welcome to try to prove me wrong. :)

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This video is a short tutorial of the tactic i use to get M.O.A.B's on the map Underground.

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I just had a really close game today where I went 28-8 on a Piazza Domination match, had the most flag caps, and I can't watch it with any of my friends, because they don't have the new maps. :(

Anyhow, there are some good ideas in these videos, and some really impressive gameplay. Enjoy.

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On this flawless video, i'll show you the simple tactic that even the most basic of players can use to eventually help them gain a moab on Bootleg. Never fails for me & turned one of my most hated maps into one of the easiest to consistently win on.

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This is me gamewatcher1996 playing MW3 Free for All on the map bootleg.

If you would like to see more videos and more upcoming videos, you can check out my channel here - and Subscribe here - Thanks

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Free For All - 30-6 Gameplay. Let me know what you guys think of it, this is not me. This is my friend online.

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Alright, whats up guys this is my first commentary ever and i dont know how i did so i would be grateful if you guys could just check it out and tell me what i could do to improve and for the future more videos will come. Thanks.

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this is my second commentary on MW3 and i would like ideas on what to do in future videos and just general comments, cheers;=UU30Od2FkHkyh8tNQdeqqcaA&index;=3&feature;=plcp youtube: MGontheTV

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Hey Guys!!! paper Miggz here! noob to uploading vids online .Currently have one video up of a MOAB without commentary :(. should have a few more up soon with commentary hopefully!

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@Esharp78 said:

Hey all this is my first MW3 Montague

This is the right thread for this, but I ended up loathing MW3 from a gameplay point of view, and most of the GB community seems a little "too cool for school" when it comes to any form of COD at this point. I wouldn't expect much support for anything posted here anymore.

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Well I don't really play that much cod but my friend has started playing It And I will try to support him as much as possible hopefully you guys will to

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