Need help to build myself a shotgun class that's effective.

#1 Posted by OldManLight (1076 posts) -

All i can figure is i must be doing it wrong, I'm not getting kills with the shotguns (specifically the Spas 12) unless i have the barrel practically up someone's nostrils. any tips, do i grind until i unlock the "range" proficiency?

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The shotguns on MW3 are pretty weak but once you get the Striker use it. It is probably the best one I have used so far that doesn't give me constant hitmarkers and it can kill from a pretty good distance.

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I spent some time with the Spas tonight and it did me well. I got in the habit of stafing while I was shooting though because sometimes it took 2-3 shots to kill (sometimes it took 1 though). I think an important thing to keep in mind with shotguns is not to force them into a map. If you are going to use one, stick to tight quarters so you have a bit of an advantage.

#4 Posted by Fei (222 posts) -

Specialist pointstreak package

AA12, attachments: rapid fire, reach

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Xcal's got your back, it's by far the best shotgun I've used, the other ones are really terrible

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