Question about PS3 online split screen

#1 Posted by Killer_Babomb (43 posts) -

I have googled and googled, and I know someone wil find it and be like not good enough lol. Tis the way's of the internet.

Anyways, is there anyway to sign into two PSN's? I know the 360 let you play split screen on two different xbl names. Thanks!

#2 Posted by Dagbiker (7022 posts) -

I dont know what your asking, "is there anyway to sign into two PSN's?"

are you asking if there is a way to sign into two different Playstations at once, with the same Psn account, i doubt it. If your asking if there is a way to log into another account when playing split screen, i dont know.

#3 Posted by Killer_Babomb (43 posts) -

Yeah, while doing it split screen. I know you can do it on the xbox. My wife would be logged into her xbl, and I into mine. Doesn't seem to work that way on PS3

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