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#1 Posted by Vitor (3078 posts) -

So COD is all about levelling up to unlock better gear. But, once you get that gear, I know for me at least, I don't tend to switch up much.

What if it had the Infinity Blade levelling system? Whereby you stop gaing exp once you've used a specific item too much? I know I'd certainly try new stuff way more if that was the case.

#2 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

I don't know, I'd end up with the sniper at some point and that would stop being fun

#3 Posted by Vitor (3078 posts) -

@Yanngc33 said:

I don't know, I'd end up with the sniper at some point and that would stop being fun

True, but it would make me try weapons I never would otherwise (i.e. not usually a big fan of submachine guns or shotguns). Might also find stuff I prefer and may never have come across.

#4 Posted by S0ndor (2718 posts) -

I only ever played MW2, but I always found the weapon challenges to be sufficient incentive to try new stuff. I would also get bored with certain builds after a few days. The only thing I almost always had with me were the akimbo G18's. 

#5 Posted by beckley205 (341 posts) -

No i get good with a few guns and use the others when im bored and want to die. i would never use half the guns if i was trying to win AUG Hbar, Scar H, and Tar FTW

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