Robert Bowling AMA on reddit

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Thought you'd all be interested.

My favorite bit so far:

Q: Why should I buy MW3 instead of Battlefield 3?
A: You should be buying both because they both will be stellar games. I refuse to say one ill word of Battlefield 3 or DICE because I think they're both fantastic and am good friends with several of the guys on the team.
If you are a shooter fan, they are both fantastic games to own because of one reason. They are different.
Each do their own thing in a fantastic way and it is refreshing to have the option for both styles.
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Classy response, but still wants you to buy MW3.

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Good answer.

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Fucking hell, its getting weird when the mouthy guy from IW is talking less smack then Riccitello.

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I refuse to believe that this is the real Robert Bowling and not some alien symbiote that's taken possession of his flesh.

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I do not envy that man's job.

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