Search and Destroy rush routes and gameplay on Bakaara

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This first of my rush routes and strategies for search and destroy. I try to show what routes to run and also just a general guide to doing in well in SND. Rushing to me is the most effective way to play this game type. If you agree, disagree, or have your own routes and spots for this map feel free to comment or leave a video response. let me know what you think!

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nice tips. i like playing call of duty but its definitely more of a laid back time killer game to me. i never really learn all the maps and study shit in it much. thats more of a starcraft 2 or league of legends thing for me. even gears of war i spend time on learning where everything is. but COD i like to just put it in and run around shooting everyone.

nice tips though for sure.

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@tunaburn: i def agree with what you saying i find myself just run and gunning most of the time the only thing i try to figure out is the spawns (kind of l what i do in halo as well)

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