The Claymore Boomerang and the MW3 Dance

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Hey guys, I've posted this video before but I've figured something out that warrants me posting it again. I know many of you don't play MW3 anymore but this stuff is still pretty funny!

Back in March I posted this video, it's how to dance in MW3:

Recently, I've figured how to make these extra side glitches work. It's not explained in the video, but I'll explain it here. And yes, I am the original creator of these glitches

1. The Claymore Dance

a) Follow video instructions

2. The Claymore Boomerang

a) Watch the video first

b ) Put Akimbo on with lethal, just as video instructed.

c) Instead of crouching up and down to dance, look straight up with the claymore button held down and jump up.

d) Claymore will fly out of your hands like a boomerang

e) Also works with C4, Bouncing Betty, Portable Radar

3. Lethal Side Swing

a) Just like the other glitches - it combines them.

b )While holding claymore down, move from left to right while crouching up and down.

c) Your character will throw the claymore to the side.

d) Works with other lethals/tacticals too.''

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Or you could have just edited your previous post instead on making a new thread.

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@BraveToaster said:

Or you could have just edited your previous post instead on making a new thread.

Well, it's quite old and editing it wouldn't really show anybody anything. Plus this is a pretty cool thing to show off, especially if you play MW3 actively (like I do). This is just meant for laughs and the claymore thing is pretty cool. It's flying out of your hands >_<

I'm sorry but I thought this warranted another post. I don't think this is youtube spam because this is my video and it's glitch that I invented, so it's original content.

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