want a poster? get your pre-order on

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just got back from my local gamestop where i finished paying off my pre-order for L.A. Noire. went in and saw them rolling up posters and the guy asked me if i wanted one( they had a good amount of them) and so i said yea. put down 5 bucks on the 360 version and got the poster. one side is the teaser cover image that is shown up all over of the shadowed soldier with call of duty MW3 on the side of him in a white background. the other side is a time magazine cover showing some of the damage to new york. also has headlines about the russian president and his daughter, gen. shepard's funeral, damage to the east coast, and talks of tension in the UN and all over europe. also at the top it talks about interpol putting soap and price at the top of the wanted list. it's really cool so i'd suggest you go on down to your local gamestop and put down a pre-order if you haven't already and grab yourself a pretty cool poster. the poster is pretty big though so make sure you have space for it. lol :)

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Shhh Its a super secret preorder only for power members.... -_-

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@jtman54179 said:
Shhh Its a super secret preorder only for power members.... -_-
Damn, you beat me to it. Well played.
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http://twitpic.com/4yoq6c   (front side)

 http://twitpic.com/4yoqpr     (back side)

dunno why they came out sideways and why there's all that google maps jargon below the pic but nonetheless there are the pics. it's pretty big. havin trouble findin room for it.
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I like the times cover, looks epic

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Awesome, both sides look great.

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@Yanngc33 said:
I like the times cover, looks epic
Yeah the TIME cover is fucking rad.
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Damn, game shop doesn't have any of these.

Though they do look kick ass.

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