What differences have you noticed?

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As similar as MW3 is to the past games in the series I've noticed some balance differences, at least in the multiplayer. In MW2 my go-to gun was the M16 but I was getting dominated using it last night, I had to switch to a different gun and started doing much better. They've definitely nerfed the M16 which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Other than the obvious kill streaks/perks and what-have-you, what balance differences have you noticed? It seems like a lot more people are using SMGs so far but I never played much with those in MW2 and haven't played around with them in MW3 yet.

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I was doing fine with the M16 aiming down long distances, but when I moved around I definitely switched to a machine pistol or something better for tight spaces.

Haven't played TOO much, but It felt like it was impossible to have a combination of perks/accessories that made you completely invisible to radar or sound. Which I like because in the other games that was the Go-To strategy. Not showing up on radar was so crucial.

oh yea also, the maps seem designed in a way where there never seems to be some place or area you can just hold and dominate. Everywhere seems to have some sort of weakness. imo I dont like that, because I like the tactical advantage a focal point on a map can give (like taking the house in estate in MW2), but I can understand why they did that.

Domination feels more balanced because of the map design. You can actually take points without nades flying on the point over and over.

Silencer seems to drastically reduce damage now.

Perks unlock quicker and make more sense, never feel overpowered or underpowered.

Grenade launcher definitely has less splash damage.

Hard to tell but I think my friend that was in my party was able to spawn next to me whenever I was out of combat. PC version.

Can't move while in prone while aiming. Dunno if that was in the other games, but its in BF3 and its kinda cheap sometimes.

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I seem to go down quicker, it seems like you have less health. I feel like I level up quicker too, 3 hours and at like level 31.

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Another think I noticed and really like is I'm not getting knifed all the time. I'm glad commando is gone but it also feels like the normal knife attack isn't quite as automatic as before.

@thehuntsmen5434: Yeah, the M16 is still a good long range gun but it was pretty damn powerful in MW2 at close range, I'd usually carry a launcher as my secondary in MW2 but it seems like you really need the machine pistol unless you're camping and, like you said, the maps aren't designed to let you stay in once place long. Most of my deaths come from a guy looping around behind me or coming through some side door. I think the aiming thing is the same though, I seem to remember if you move while zoomed in it popped you out but I'm not 100 percent sure.

@Hizang: I think you're right, it seems like I'm dying quicker too but I haven't figured out if it's just that I don't know the maps well yet so people are just getting the drop on me or what.

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The weight on the guns feels different for me. The m-14 or m16 in the last game (which ever was burst) just doesn't feel the same here.

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UMP is far less powerful.

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