What is the main reason that you play Call of Duty games?

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With everyone talking about this on last night's Bombcast, I thought I'd ask the question here.  Why do you play Call of Duty?

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Mostly D ...but cause of the reflex sport of it, most of the hobbies, active sports I participate in are all fun because of the results of split decision twitch reactions. I don't give a shit about K/D because you can camp, I really respect others who can make the most out of an unexpected surprise situation.

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I just try to have some fun with friends

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like every FPS i play, just for the campaign. And u know what, i still like them, AND i think the mw3 footage looks awesome. just got cod4 on the steam deal, i played the first level (the boat) and i still think it was cool and intense, even if i already finished the game on 360 a few years ago. maybe its because i only play the single player, which is usually short in these games, but im far from burned with them

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The single player of both Modern Warfare games have been stellar.

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I played plenty of the multiplayer in MW1 and 2 and enjoyed it quite a bit, but the unmatched production quality of those campaigns justify their price tag to me. I'm glad that Infinity Ward edits their stories down to five hours; it leaves an amazing five hours.

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I find it REALLY hard to believe that nearly 60 percent of you play COD for the single player.  Is that just because of the small number of votes so far?  I would have to think so.

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To fuck wimminz?
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@SpaceInsomniac: or maybe the mp is the same shit over and over?
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I know I spent more time playing multiplayer than single player in Blops, but the reason I bought it was for the single player.  

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I play it because its big dump fun.

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@SpaceInsomniac said:
I find it REALLY hard to believe that nearly 60 percent of you play COD for the single player.  Is that just because of the small number of votes so far?  I would have to think so.
Why is it hard to believe?
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I play it for the singleplayer, I love the multiplayer but whether or not I put alot of time into it varies from game to game.

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I play it for teh lulz. 
However I only play COD2, although I have others in the series, COD2 is the only one I enjoy playing.

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I played Call of Duty 4 both for the amazing single player and amazing multiplayer.  Not because of the unlocks/level ups.  I, in fact, personally dislike having to play for a while with  a gun I don't like to unlock something I do.  I would much rather have all guns available from the start and they can have the level-up mechanic for customization stuff.  I liked MW2 mainly for the single player and Spec-Ops, but still did enjoy the multiplayer when I could get in a non-laggy, non-hacked match.  If I buy MW3 this year it will be for the single player and co-op modes.  I have little interest in the multiplayer with Battlefield 3 coming out and already having Bad Company 2.

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I play it so I can shoot Russkies and brown Middle Eastern men in the face and any other enemy of the blessed homeland of Jesus, aka the United States. It gives me a satisfying feeling knowing I'm helping to eradicate terrorists from the earth. Call of Duty is how the war on terror should have been if UmBongo (they drink it in the Congo) hadn't ruined it all. The story is like the story of our times and shit, it speaks to me as a man.

P.S. There's something appealing about seeing grown men with moustaches and guns, it reminds of simpler times when men were real men. Call of Duty validates me as a real man in these metrosexual times.

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I'm in it for the single-player.

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F. None of the Above
I play because of peer pressure. My Friends are such CoD fanboys

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...because it's fun.

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