Which game mode gives the most exp?

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For obvious reasons, I'd be interested in finding out which game modes tend to give players the most experience points for faster leveling up. The only one I've played so far is FFA with 2-3 rounds of TDM. I think I've been leveling up pretty quickly with FFA (I'm level 63 after 13 hours of playtime), but that's mostly because I'm always one of the top 3 players at the end of the round. Is there a game mode that would give more exp, especially ones that don't necessarily rely on the amounts of kills you get?

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I always get a ton in Kill Confirmed. You get 50 xp for every dog tag you pick up, even the ones you deny the other team or kills you didn't even make, on top of your regular kill xp. I suppose technically you could go a whole match without any kills but still rack up a bunch of xp.

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Definitely Kill Confirmed. Even if you cant string any kills together you can always pick up tags and still get some xp.

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well if like the past COD games search and destroy gives the most exp per kill and bomb plant

demolition matches last a long time and you can rack up kills, also headquarters you get ep every 5 seconds you control the HQ

if you want to level up faster then buy some doritos and mountain dew as they give you double xp

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Why dont you play the mode that is the most fun?

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@Nadafinga said:
Why dont you play the mode that is the most fun?
I have: FFA. Obviously, since that's the only mode I've been playing, I'd like to experience others; probably starting with the one that gives the most exp. Kill Confirmed sounds interesting; I'll try it out.

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