will MW3 be a better experience? or more of the same

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#51 Posted by JEC03 (923 posts) -

COD is the Madden of the FPS except Madden is more complex.

#52 Posted by CallofSpartansofWar1337 (99 posts) -

i think itll b grt! its not lik it bein made is stoppin othr grt games from bein made 2!

#53 Posted by pweidman (2417 posts) -

Another roller coaster ride type game, like MW2 was is fine by me. I really enjoyed the MW2 campaign. Especially because they finally stopped w/the infinite spawns, and the grenade spam on veteran. It was so much more fun to play than the earlier games. Plus the survival mode could be cool. That and flip up scopes :p. So yeah more of the same, but it's good anyway so whatever.

#54 Posted by ShockD (2486 posts) -

The Call of Duty games have always been more-of-the-same titles.

#55 Edited by spazmaster666 (2063 posts) -

Since I really only care about the single player campaign and Spec Ops, as long as they make it longer than MW2, I'll probably be satisfied. I could care less about what type of changes they make to multiplayer to be honest (I literally played none of the MW2 multiplayer).

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