the_red_mage's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360) review

The last walk to the park with an old dog

Like always, I am going to keep things short here, because most of you guys surely want a yay or nay (with a short explanation) and not my personal diary describing my deepest thoughts and feelings.

Modern Warfare 3 is the latest installment of the COD franchise and is exactly what a "die hard" COD fan would expect from it. It's a solid military shooter with an addicting multiplayer part that will keep you entertained for a while but to be honest there are no big gamechanging additions or changes here compared to the previous titles. Like its predecessor Modern Warfare 2, the game is divided in three modes: spec ops, singleplayer campaign and multiplayer.

The singleplayer campaign is filled with those typical over the top action scenarios that made the original Modern Warfare game so exciting but lacks juxtaposition and a real storyline. You are pushed from character to character, from place to place, from motive to motive etc. and to be honest half way through I stopped asking myself why I the hell I was shooting Russians and black guys.

Spec ops on the other hand is still fun especially with a co-op partner and the new wave mode (closely resembling the popular horde mode from Gears of War) is extremely well done and very entertaining.

The multiplayer, well it is not the grand resurrection of Christ you hoped for but it has been tweaked and vastly improved. The game comes with 16 maps which are both varied and large in size and allow for different play styles. The class customization has been improved, allowing you now to adjust weapons more to your needs with small bonuses like decreased kick or increased effective range. Additionally, the available killstreaks are now handled through different sets (assault, support and specialist) and can be individually configured for each class. Sniper rifles and pistols are usefull again, shotguns can be used as primary weapons and are completely useless, unless you acquire a perk that allows you to equip a second primary weapon.

Basically this is the last walk to the park with an old dog. You'll play with it and you'll have a good time but it's not as exciting as it used to be. So a must buy for die hard fans but to be honest I wouldn't recommend this to anyone else.


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