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The Old Mustache and Mohawk Still Kick Some Ass

Nobody seems to believe me, but I do not lie when i say that i enjoy the story of Modern Warfare more then almost any other game. Sure its dumb and crazy but there is something that appeals to the little boy in all of us when you follow a group of just ridiculously hardened bad asses around the world beating up equally cool Russians. If you still are following me I can reassure you that MW3 has not forgotten us fans, the character building is even stronger this time around, though while you don't get much back-story they still focus on the people you want to see in action.

Makarov's plan we can all say has worked probably better then he could have ever hoped, he has started WW3 and its going to take hundreds of years to recover from all the damage that has been done. But non the less the few people left in Russia who thought Makarov was overreacting a bit are trying to make peace with america (probably because one of our guys can kill thousands of theirs). But Makarov dose not like that so he kidnaps the Russian president, and the game takes you on a romp across the world trying to find him and rescue the president (of Russia). Also Makarov is way more evil this time around because he wears a fancy suit and scarf.

There is also a pretty good multiplayer, and stuff.

Honestly if people did not have message boards to post on would anybody actually dislike this game? Seriously do your self a favor dont read hateful posts about this game (or make them) you already know exactly how much you will like this game and if you don't then get it because you are missing out on one of the biggest games of the year. (Or get MW2 its not that different)


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