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I got it on Christmas. When I started the campaign, I feel in love with the game! I finished the campaign, although still disappointed that the Americans fought against the Russians -_-. After the campaign, I tried the multiplayer. At first, the multiplayer was good, but campers and other common disliked parts about these games, got on my nerves. I tried sniping, I did decent, but the multiplayer is poorly made, so my K/D was 1.3. On Black Ops mine was 4.1 and on MW2 it was 1.9. I do better with other games... I tried Special Ops, and I would say the campaign and the Special Ops are the best of the best. I finished every op, got a few Special Ops related achievements, and stopped playing the game. The four stars is for the Special Ops and campaign greatness. Multiplayer is bad, but at least it isn't as bad as Battlefield 3.


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