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Who's ready to shoot stuff again this year?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is predominately the same game it was last year only with more explosions and less colour. To any other game that would be an incredibly harsh criticisim, however producer Activison seems to take this in it's stride, releasing a new Call of Duty game each year. It's a formula that is beginning to wear thin with many a gamer. As a stand alone game Modern Warfare 3 is an incredibly tight package, filled with non stop action, addictive multiplayer and intense cooperative play. As a series however the latest entry is possibly the least evolutionary to date.

Yes you do shoot these guys

Let's start where I did: the campaign. The game begins right where Modern Warfare 2 left off. Price still has an awesome moustache, Soap is severely injured and the Russians have somehow found a way to invade everywhere simultaneously. I am one of the few people who actually enjoys the plot line to these games, but even I found the story to be tedious. Stop this terrorist, stop these terrorists, stop those terrorists from blowing that thing up and so forth. In short it's repetitive. Even the awesome stealth moments from previous games end with explosions, vehicle chases and all out warfare. Like it's predecessor this Call of Duty comes with a "Skip this scene if you're easily offended" moment but it comes off as rather lame. If you enjoyed the happenings of the previous games be sure to check out how the single player story ends. If you don't give a damn, for your sake skip it.

...and these guys

As you finish the single player experience you will be forcefully placed into the Spec Ops menu. Spec Ops is Modern Warfare's cooperative component and it continues to be the highlight of the package. Like the previous game Spec Ops includes a handful of short, two player missions that award you stars depending on the difficulty to which you complete them. These missions range from getting both players to a certain location before time runs out to having one person control heavy artillery fire for their partner. Spec Ops is made even more addictive this time around thanks to "Survival Mode". It plays similar to World at War or Black Ops' zombie mode. Armoured goons will run at you and your partner from all angles and it is your job to stay alive. As the rounds multiply the enemies get progressively harder from light foot soldiers to juggernauts and even suicidal dogs with C4 attached to them. The mode also serves as a great way to learn the multiplayers map layouts since they are one and the same.

...and this guy

The multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3 hasn't changed much either. You will still run around in team death match styled combat on small enclosed maps. The terrain has been littered with buildings and obstacles this time around which makes snipping from a distance harder. Sniper rifles could be removed entirely had developer Infinity Ward not brought back "Quick Scoping". The few changes made towards multiplayer are welcomed. Unlike Black Ops weapons are unlocked by leveling up. Each gun then has it's own rank which can be leveled up further, unlocking attachments, cameos and proficiencies. Proficiencies are slight modifiers that change the way a gun reacts such as "kick" which reduces the guns recoil. Some perks from previous games are now proficiencies which is nice. There is also three different types of killstreak rewards which are now known as "Strike Packages". There is the Assault package which works the same way killstreaks have in previous games. Killing people increases a multiplyer which reverts back to zero with each death. Reach a certain number and a reward unlocks allowing you to rain mayhem for a few moments. The Support package does not return to zero with a death. However the rewards are far less useful. They support your team rather then attacking the enemy. These include advanced UAV's, a little drone that let's you fly and tag enimies and bullet proof vest care packages for multiple players. The final package is Specialist which simply gives you more perks with each kill. All these changes are not particularly big unless you are really really REALLY into Call of Duty. But for the few million of you out there it is certainly something to be excited about.

If you hadn't noticed I haven't even bother to talk about the visuals, sound design or acting because let's face it you know if you want to pick up this game or not. Yeah it's Call of Duty. If you wanted something different check out a game other than a military shooter. Modern Warfare 3 is still awesome fun. But like last year (and the year before that) don't expect anything revolutionary.


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