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Cardboard Cut-Out or Not?

Alright let me get straight to the chase about what I'll be reviewing about the game and what I won't. Firstly if you're interested in a review telling about the story skip this review, I won't be reviewing that since pretty much everyone agrees that this franchise is all about multiplayer. Secondly my main focus of this review will be different than others, this time the main focus is one simple goal to determine. And the thing that I'll be focusing on mostly can be phrased in one simple question. That question is... Is this game a cardboard cut-out of the previous one with a few new guns or not? That is the questuion that will fall under Call of Duty every single time if not most of the time people will review Call of Duty. And finally as proof that I know what I'm talking about I've prestiged two times allowing me enough time to experince the multiplayer part of this game. If you can't take my word for it however than I'm sorry, but I'm not going to be displaying my PSN ID on here as I've already said it on YouTube which has pretty much resulted in random people asking me to join their games when I'm in the middle of a match. Now than it's time to start the review. Right away the multiplayer modes will look mostly the same, you've got your tradiontal matches from Call of Duty such as Team Deathmatch or Domination but you've also got a community playlist. Here you can play baiscully wager matches imported from Black Ops without having to gamble your money, play new games added such as Infection or Drop Zone, and you can do so without having to go into a private match. Yes these are in the private match. The modes playout the same and there'll always be douches who camp or run around screwing their team-mates up. There'll also be the fact that almost everybody has a better gun then you, a better rank, and will always be able to kill you before you can even fire a single bullet towards him. The custom classes are where you create your own classes and choose the guns you want to use as well as attachments, and believe me there isn't much change. A few new guns have been added and a few old ones have been replaced but they will baiscully be the same as ever. The next thing is the maps, most of them suck. However the ones that suck almost never get chose so you'll most likely go to Dome or another good map. The maps have also changed so there are brand new ones and none of the old ones so that's something good. Now a new feature has come into play known as the prestige shop, here you can spend prestige tokens which you earn by prestiging. This is a good feature as you can unlock gear that you normally would have to get all the way back up just to get again and the best thing is you keep it. So if you prestige once and get the AK-47 you can prestige again and get another gun. You can also get callisgns and all that crap. Once you reach the highest prestige rank which is prestige 10 you can restart the entire game over again from rank one which I don't see why you'd do that at all but it's good they gave you the option to do so I guess. Overall I'd say this is pretty much the same game as before though if you like playing Call of Duty you'll probably enjoy this game. Aside from that I'll finish the review with some of the good and bad things I couldn't reach. They've replaced a nuke which would end the game and kill everyone now with a M.O.A.B which kills everyone but your team and lets the game continue. They've also changed from the hacker pro perk Black Ops brought us with the choice of Air-Drop Traps on support which are baiscully the same thing as what would happen after you take an enemy care package with hacker pro on. You and your team-mates can't take it however the enemy can and if they do an explosion will hit them killing them and every enemy close enough to it. And that's pretty much it.

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