count_zero's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PlayStation 3) review

Best gameplay in FPS History, dumbest story in FPS history

This week, I'm reviewing the latest installment in the Call of Duty franchise, with Modern Warfare 3.

Multiplayer footage by Matroix (

Classical Music during the "Incoherent Rage" card is "Virtutes Instrumenti" by Kevin McCloud

Notes: One thing I forgot to get into in the review itself is that the single player levels are incredibly directed. You can kind of feel the pressure in the game to keep you moving in a specific direction all the time. On the one hand, this makes the game very easy to pick up and play, and makes it hard to get lost. On the other hand, it makes exploration a little tricky, which is unfortunate. This is particularly notable for sections of the game where you have to get past an invisible gate to basically get enemies to stop infinitely spawning.

Also, the game is notable for not putting a tutorial section in the game. Yes, they pop up the commands on screen during the first stage of the game (when you're shooting your way through New York City), but unlike MW1 & 2, there is no training section where they put you through the target range or various other things to drum the controls into your head. If you know them, you know them, and you can just jump in and go. If you don't know them, they provide little tips as reminders. Considering that COD controls have become almost ubiquitous in console FPS games (for good reasons), it's a nice acknowledgement of this.

It doesn't make the single-player story any less of an insult to my intelligence.

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