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It's Modern Warfare, but the other versions are worth more.

   I've never played Call of duty modern warfare. I've played multiplayer at gameshops, but I've never played the whole game. That's why games like this are targeted towards people like me who only have a wii for a console. That's not saying This game is bad in it's own right. This game itself is one of the top shooters on the wii, both online and offline. The game itself runs on the World At War engine for the wii. The game moves smoothly and feels like modern warfare. The story and online modes work great and you can have a friend join in anytime offline with the press of a button. Unfortunately, the game is a direct port of the HD version, and parts where the other game tried to show off it's technical power look horrible. Good examples would be

when the boat blows up in the beginning of the game and water floods in or the horrible textures on the sides of your plane during the nuke scene.
Of course the gameplay itself works well but with all of the little graphical detail problems that could have been easily upgraded or hidden, you should only play this game if you don't have another version. After all, the motion control gimmick can only go so far.
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