Pink Bracelet invincibility Cheat?

#1 Posted by Chokobo (1250 posts) -

So my fiancee's friend is playing World at War online and he is saying that he keeps seeing players with pink bracelets that are invincible. Just checking to see if this is a thing because I can't find ANY information anywhere about it.

#2 Posted by StrainedEyes (1355 posts) -

There are many things about WWII that we don't yet know.

Sounds like hacking to me, and since the game is so old I doubt anyone is paying attention.

#3 Posted by Chokobo (1250 posts) -

That was my guess as well.

#4 Edited by UnrealDP (1258 posts) -

Call of duty 4 and World at War are havens for hackers and cheaters, on consoles especially. It's like the goddamn wild west down there, mainly because those games have stopped receiving support and all that. It's pretty funny to see the advertisement for the MW2 trailer on CoD4 though.

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