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Call of Glitches: MP40s at War Review

 I could start out like everyone else telling you how wonderful this game is or I could be truthful and tell you everything WRONG with the game. First of all this was the flash of the year, but with no fallowing boom? The previous Call of Duty installment by Infinity Ward Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was original, few glitches, amazing campaign and a multiplayer that blew you away. (literally :P). COD:4 set the bar very high and obviously Call of duty World at War could not even get close to it. With laggy multiplayer, unoriginal layout, obvious missing features in the campaign and unbalanced classes make this game look like a joke to the Call of Duty series. The only thing that you might consider your time towards is Nazi Zombies which really highlights the glitch feature of the game. Take my advise don't buy this game and wait for COD: MW2 or stick with COD4, this game is NOT worth your time.

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