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A great game despite being very similiar to its predecessor-

Call of Duty World at War is Treyarchs second attempt at a Call of Duty Game. After the disaster that was Call of Duty 3, they managed to Build a solid FPS, that overall can seem a bit derivative.
The game uses the same engine as COD4 but is set in the classic Call of Duty World war 2 setting. Due to it using the same engine as Call of Duty 4 it seems very samey to its predecessor  although it is significantly less modern.
The game uses multiple main characters similiar to Call of Duty 4, with roughly half of the game spent as a US marine fighting the Japanese in the pacific and the other half spent as a Russian soldier striking back against the germans. 
The pacific campaign has you and a rag tag group of maines fighting to control a pacific island and the Russian campaign has you laying ravaging Germany and eventually laying siege to Berlin.
The pacific campaign is good but the Russian campaign is easily superior with better characters and setpeices.
The gameplay is almost identical to COD4 but has less of an impact this time. The selection of guns is quite good and caters to many different playstyles. As with all Call of Duty games the score is superb and the sound effects for the weapons sound quite impressive. 
Unlike many games set in world war 2, World at war doesn't try to glorify War, instead it depicts it more closely to how it actually is with much more advanced death and gore effects than any previous world war 2 game.

While the multiplayer of COD4 was a huge part of the game, the Multiplayer in World at War is quite forgettable. This is likely due to it being way too similiar to its predecesor.
For the most part World at War is held back by being too similiar to COD4, However it does feature a new multiplayer game mode that was absent in COD4. 
Nazi Zombies mode is a zombie survival mode where you and up to 3 others must hold out in an old house against unlimited hordes of Nazi Zombies.
This mode throws out all realism and becomes an incredibly fun and arcadey mode thats a truckload of fun with friends.
Overall World at war is quite forgettable and there isnt much here that you cant find in its superior predecessor. Despite this the game truly shines in its Nazi Zombies mode and if you can get it cheap then dont hesitate to do so, The game is still a blast.


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