godlyawesomeguy's Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360) review

Call Of Duty World At War unbias review

5/5 stars
Call Of Duty World At War returns to WWII better then ever, buckets of blood and gore, and enough replay value for years to come
the good-
*storyline is more emotional than Modern Warfare
*Nazi Zombies is just..........pure Godly awesomeness
*perks, weapons, classes, XP levels,prestiges all have been added for those golden crosses finished with Modern Warfare
*Team killers get only to kill two players before automatic booting-finally!
*Like the smell of burning WWII enemies?-get the flamethrower
*bayonets is an addition that should have shown up more in previous games 
the bad-
*multiplayer maps are way too big
*weapons, while fun to use, just arent as cool as COD 4 guns

Posted by natetodamax

This is one of the most biased reviews ever.

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